San Lorenzo Ecuador

San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is a port town on the north coast of Ecuador, about 18km south of the Colombian border. It is joined by a narrow gauge rail to the city of Ibarra in the Highlands and for many years it was an important port for the export of balsa wood and tagua. San Lorenzo has an average temperatures ranging between 25 º and 29 º C. It has a very distinctive landscape with rock formations, caves and cliffs. At the top of the hill is the lighthouse lookout with wonderful views towards the ocean and nearby beaches. From the beach of San Lorenzo is possible to see various forms of rock, caves, marine birds and the island of La Plata with its incredible demonstration and humpback whales as they pass from north to south in the months of June to September.

San Lorenzo is recognized by national and foreign tourists for its tranquility and climate have made it an option for tourists who want to enjoy a place away from the city.  San Lorenzo beach is also the perfect place for those who enjoy ecotourism, as it has a protected area of 50 hectares, where you can enjoy the untouched nature.Its calm waters are marked by the constant coming and going of ships, both for the transport of tourists and sport fishing.