Villas Punta Vista in Montañita Ecuador

Magnificent Pacific Ocean views, breathtaking sunsets & La Punta surf break from every window

Villas Punta Vista is our brand new villa community located on a lofty hillside overlooking the Pacific ocean and the legendary surf break of the La Punta (The Point) in Montañita Ecuador.

The convenience of shopping, surfing, nightlife, and dining on delicious international and local cuisine is just a 5-minute walk out your door and down the hill to the town of Montañita.  And it’s a 10 minute walk to ride world-class waves at Montañita beach …


Villas Punta Vista Features & Amenities

Spend the day at the beach relaxing and surfing.  Then, it’s only a short walk home to relax with a bottle of wine and dinner on your balcony with friends and family, taking in the magnificent sunset over the Pacific with the profile of the iconic La Punta cliffs in the background.

Our units can be enjoyed as your private residence or as investment rental potential with full property management

Villas Punta Vista Property & Pricing


Features in every Villas Punta Vista unit:

All units begin as a base package with the same unobstructed view and similar features. Speak to us about options to upgrade flooring, countertops, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures and more!

The living units in our Villas Punta Vista buildings are your choice of 1 bedroom / 1.5 bath, or 2 bedroom / 1.5 bath. You’ll have 16.24m2 (174.80 sq ft) of dedicated parking space protected from the elements under the building, and your own 9.50m2 (102.257 sq ft) private lockable storage unit.

Every unit has plenty of cool to go around with 2 air conditioners: 18.000 BTU for living dining areas, and 12.000 BTU for the bedroom(s). Floors and countertops are ceramic. All units come with washer / dryer hookups ready to go.

We have close relationships with local vendors and will be glad to assist you outfitting your unit with refrigeration, stovetop / oven, and washer / dryer for you to move in or begin renting on completion of Phase I construction!


Initial Pricing (Phase I Building)

Ocean View 1 Bed / 1.5 Bath



Limited Pre-Sale Special!

Comes with free appliances!   Limited offer, contact us today!

Ocean View 2 Bed / 1.5 Bath



Limited Pre-Sale Special!

Comes with free appliances!   Limited offer, contact us today!

Development & Infrastructure

Development Roadmap

The full Villas Punta Vista plan consists of 5 buildings. 24 total living units

Development will proceed in 5 phases, with 1 building complete per phase.

Construction of the Phase I building is set for 2019


Community Infrastructure

The Villas Punta Vista development covers 2500 m2 (26909.7 sq ft), with building units on 650 m2 (6996.5 sq ft).

Building Construction

Our builders adhere to the highest standards and have experience building over 100 new construction homes in Ecuador – including our own La Reserva Manabi community in Ayampe as well as El Delfin in Puerto Cayo.  


Water & Sewage

Water is supplied through the City of Montañita through new underground pipes from the main road at the bottom of the hill (Ruta del Sol).  

Our buildings are on the hilltop and are in no danger of ocean flooding.  We also use greywater conservation technology for the  natural drought-tolerant vegetation and property landscaping.

Power & Internet

All incoming community power lines are subterranean.  The absence of power poles allows for a clear, unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean and the Point, as well as easy maintenance access.

Your internet is provided by Interdatos, with your choice of fiber optic or antenna dish.


We’ve constructed a brand-new gated asphalt main road from Ruta Del Sol to Villas Punta Vista, as well as an all-new asphalt building access road.

There’s no flooding danger from the roads because all our buildings are perched high up on the hill.

The CONVENIENCE & Excitement of Montañita

Montañita Ecuador is world-renowned for surfing, restaurants, dance clubs and entertainment.

However, Montañita is also a center for fun activities and nature tours. There’s an international community of friendly and interesting people here, and rich culture and history to explore – from pre-Columbian through the Incas and Spanish.  

And it’s a town large enough to provide most of life’s practical necessities that you’ll want and need as a resident.

Montañita has everything you need and so much more!

Enjoy international cuisine, organic produce, fresh seafood, local artisans, plenty of shopping, easy banking access, and more

Being so close to it all with just a 5-minute walk to town, yet hidden away from the bustle of it makes Villas Punta Vista a prime place to live on the coast of Ecuador!

Adventure Activities

Restaurants & Cuisine



A Solid Investment Opportunity

Villas Punta Vista is your opportunity to own pristine coastal real estate at an exceptional value.  With Ecuadorian real estate market values continuing to appreciate, our coastal hillside units provide as much investment potential as they do impeccable style and breathtaking views.

Ecuador is highly ranked on International Living’s Top 10 Places to Retire Abroad for good reason. It’s one of the worlds most biodiverse countries with an affordable and unparalleled quality of living.  

And, it’s inhabited by some of the most welcoming and friendly people living in year-round pleasant subtropical weather.

Ecuador Real Estate Rental Opportunity

These incredible units have the perfect location!  We provide full rental assistance for your unit, with advertising and guest logistics handled for you while you’re away. 

With the most magnificent ocean views and only minutes away from legendary Montañita life and world-class surfing, this unique opportunity offers desirable accommodations year round.  Units are sure to rent fast in the high season.

Expected Rental Returns

1 bedroom units rent for:

2 bedroom units rent for:

Property Management Program

Your unit is cleaned before rental. Toilet paper, paper towels and water jug are filled. At checkout, all items in the unit are accounted for.  Your entire unit – including linens – is cleaned for the next rental.

Our property management program includes:

Homeowners Association Fees:  HOA fees cover the security gate, landscaping and common area maintenance.  Speak to us about the current rate.

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