Infrastructure Update La Reserva Manabi – Water Pipes

Most of phase 1 at La Reserva now complete with power and water. For the past few months we've installed drainage pipes, underground power lines and water mains.

Progress Update – Water Pipes for Drainage and Retention

We’ve been working hard at La Reserva Manabi. Most of phase 1 is now complete with power and water. For the past few months we have had the machines working in phase 1 to install drainage pipes, underground power lines and water mains for each lot to access.

We have carefully designed green areas that follow the natural contour of the hillside which also double as drainage paths and water retention. With the installation of the drainage pipes the rain water will now be more easily diverted down the mountainside in order to prevent erosion. These drainage paths will also help keep the existing roads intact.

The next step will be completing the installation of underground power lines in Phase 1 and 2 and low level lighting along the roads. These light poles will be approximately 1 meter or 3 feet in height and the light will shine toward the ground. This will keep the light pollution to a minimum while also being functional during dusk and night time hours.

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Brian Ebner

Brian Ebner

Brian heads up the information technology, communications and web marketing at Coastal Living Ecuador. He travels between Colorado and Ecuador, following his passions: real estate on the Ecuador coast, the snow, the surf, and music production.

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