REAL Sustainability at La Reserva Manabi

Experience a natural paradise in your backyard, now and in the future

La Reserva Manabi is carefully designed from the start to always be friendly to nature. We’re a truly environmentally sustainable community, with a low impact on the land and tightly integrated with the surrounding nature.

We offer a unique alternative to the concrete jungle of other coastal Ecuadorian towns and cities. We give our residents the opportunity to experience and enjoy a natural paradise in their own backyard, now and into the future.

We’re gently stepping into the area with a fresh new approach, offering low-impact development practices and home design policies with a concentrated focus on maintaining the pristine beauty of the existing land.

We recognize and honor Ayampe’s unique biodiversity and eco-minded local community, and our commitment to preserving the natural landscape is built in from the beginning.

We’ve worked closely with our friends in the town on our environmental plans and policies, and we’ve made a commitment to always preserve 35% of the land at La Reserva Manabi as designated green area.

We commit to always preserve 35% of the land at La Reserva Manabi as designated green area

If you also value these things, and can see yourself a part of a community unique along the Ecuadorian coast in our values on preservation of nature and green practices, we’d love to hear from you.

La Reserva Manabi  Community Features

Our commitment to reserve 35% green area isn’t only for our human residents and neighbors. 

La Reserva Manabi sustainability also means preserving the home of Ecuador’s local species – including one of the world’s smallest hummingbirds, found only in Ayampe.

The coastal region of Ayampe is home to the tiny endangered hummingbird Esmeraldas Woodstar

La Reserva Manabi sustainability features:

Low Impact Land Development

Our land development goals are to minimize negative environmental impacts and maintain a conscious approach to ecological conservation.

To that end we’ve set a maximum percentage of each lot that can be cleared, and a maximum percentage of the lot for main home structures.

A limit of 15% of the entire lot size can be developed. This minimizes the footprint of each lot. Builders only cut into the lot as much as necessary to create the foundation.

This preserves natural greenery, eliminates unnecessary destruction of plants and trees, and increases total green area through the entire community.

Modern Sustainable Architecture

Our home models and other community structures are designed with modern sustainable architecture techniques – including locally sourced and sustainably harvested building materials such as bamboo.

Our home designs compliment the surrounding landscape while staying connected to the natural environment. These designs flow with the natural contour of the property, reduce waste and increase passive energy use.

Permaculture landscape design and techniques are also encouraged to maximize the use of outdoor space and help reduce waste. The use of permaculture design on each lot increases the amount of green area while providing food for both yourself and the community.

Locally Adapted Building & Materials

Our community’s homes are often constructed from local materials:  bamboo and indigenous hardwoods like Laurel, Caimitillo, Tangere, Moral Fino,Teka, and Amarillo.

These woods are used throughout the structures of our buildings including support beams, flooring, and window and door frames.

Light Pollution Reduction

Excessive and misused light harms human health, ecosystems and blocks stargazing.

Our community utilizes low lighting techniques.  This means light poles no taller than 1 meter to reduce light pollution,  and this helps sustain the natural look and feel of the hillside in the dark.

Grey Water Permaculture Homes

Our eco-home designs can use an optional grey water system to water all of  the flora and fauna on the property.   The grey water system diverts water from the drains of the home and reuses to water the property.  

Eco-Safe Biodigester Home Options

All of our eco homes optionally also include an eco-safe digester, which helps create microorganisms that boost the population of beneficial bacteria and break down waste.  Some benefits:

  • Eliminates waste — 100% of food waste is diverted away from landfills
  • Eliminates the transportation of food waste to landfills
  • Eliminates odors
  • Prevents pollution
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