The La Reserva Manabi Story: A Vision of Oasis​

In June of 2012 we set out on a surf trip to Ecuador to find great waves and see what else Ecuador’s coastline has to offer.

As we traveled up and down the coast on our search for the perfect wave, we found the small surf village of Ayampe. Here were the waves we sought … but as we were surfing and looked up at the hillside, we both commented on how unique it is. This is when we decided this is going to be the place to live someday.

Ayampe is one of the few beach towns along Ecuador’s coast where a tropical rain forest meets the ocean. We had discovered a tropical oasis, and an unspoiled beach with warm waters and amazing surf.

Read on to learn more about La Reserva Manabi and how we fell love with Ayampe, Ecuador …

La Reserva Manabi is Ayampe Ecuador's oasis in the hills

We Fell in Love With the Nature, the Town, the People and Lifestyle

Ayampe offers a refreshing alternative to fast-paced living in the States.

Coming from Florida, we fell naturally into the daily routine of surfing, enjoying fresh seafood, and the relaxed, casual company of the local people, many of whom quickly became our friends.

We immediately fell in love with the nature, the town, the people and the relaxed lifestyle.  So we kept returning to Ayampe over time.

The energy is invigorating. You can feel the vibe of the land, your neighbors, and the ocean.

The Heart of the Inspiration of La Reserva Manabi is ...

As we spent more days and weeks in the town of Ayampe, we became interested in what it might be like to live here, maybe even retire here someday.

Then as we talked about it more, we decided that Ayampe’s biodiversity provided the perfect place for us to dream of, plan, and build our eco-minded community of La Reserva Manabi.

Our heart of inspiration is a community of REAL sustainability, low impact on the land, and tight integration with the surrounding nature

Our Vision

Our vision is a relaxed, friendly, and secure community filled with good people,with genuine preservation of Ayampe’s natural beauty always top of mind.

Our Goal

Our goal at La Reserva Manabi is to provide you the perfect balance between a healthy lifestyle, affordability, and a positive return on your investment.

Our #1 Priority

Our number-one priority is building a community that includes - and preserves - all of the things that attracted us to this tropical oasis on Ecuador’s coast in the first place.

We'd like to hear from people that can also appreciate the beauty of this oasis

Inquiries are welcome on current home and property availability – or, anything that comes to mind that we can help you with.

The Team at Coastal Living Ecuador

Coastal Living Ecuador is about helping to educate and assist anyone coming to the Ecuador coast

The Coastal Living Ecuador team is here to help with lodging, transportation and local advice for anyone coming to visit Ecuador’s coast or check out Ecuador’s beachfront real estate.

Our expert and professional project team specializes in buying, developing and promoting Ecuadorian beach property along the coast of Ecuador.

Our current cornerstone project is La Reserva Manabi: a brand-new intimate eco community in Ayampe, Ecuador.

Some of the best spots for food, surfing and many other outdoor activities are hidden gems along Ecuador’s coast.  Some members of our team have lived their entire lives here and would love the chance to share with you their culture.

Brian Ebner

Founder / IT & Communications

Brian has been investing in Ecuador real estate for the past few years. With a solid background in network administration, Brian heads up our information technology, communications and web marketing.

He currently resides in Colorado, where he divides his spare time between three of his passions: the snow, the surf, and music production.

Nelson Coral

Architect / Site Foreman

Nelson – our architect and site foreman – is another local Ecuadorian who currently divides his time living between Manta and Puerto Lopez. His primary background is in urban development, particularly creating civil engineering plans for the government including bridges, piers, and roads.

He’s focused on putting the finishing touches on the entire project plan, including lot sizes and locations, as well as the locations of green areas, roads, trails, and other exclusive amenities for La Reserva Manabi.

With his wealth of knowledge of local building materials, building codes, and building costs, Nelson is a huge asset to this project as the construction of homes continues.

Daniel Velasquez

Ecuador Real Estate Consultant

Daniel is a local from coastal Ecuador who has been sharpening his expertise in real estate since 2005. He owns properties in Canoa, Ecuador including a hostel, a hotel, and the Los Aposentos oceanview community on the iconic cliffs of Canoa.

He is extremely knowledgeable about local real estate practices, and enjoys lending a hand to Gabriel with La Reserva Manabi daily operations as well.

Daniel had a passion for surfing since childhood, competing in and winning many tournaments from an early age. Now retired from the Ecuadorian competitive surfing circuit, he focuses on his many real estate projects up and down the coast of Ecuador.

Gabriel Loor

Project Manager / Designer

Gabriel is a local Ecuadorian who knows all the laws surrounding buying and selling real estate in Ecuador. When action is needed, the team relies on Gabriel to see it done right and quickly.

His degree from college and professional experience are in Project Development. Much of the La Reserva Manabi project was pieced together by Gabriel, from the eco-friendly development plan, to a detailed consideration of impact on the existing local community.

An avid surfer, Gabriel has worked for Wave Hunters since 2009, traveling the world and accompanying surfers on exotic trips.