The La Reserva Manabi Community

Imagine waking up in a tranquil rainforest oasis, to a panoramic Pacific vista...

Imagine waking up in a tranquil rainforest oasis, to panoramic vista views overlooking the Pacific ocean on the central coast of Ecuador in a self-contained paradise, where you can walk out your door to a quiet beach and surf world class waves.

Natural Beauty - Real Sustainability - Friendly Community.

A Remarkable & Unique Way of Life

A Truly Environmentally Sustainable Community

Modern Tropical Design with Local Detailing

La Reserva Manabi Community Features:


“Ayampe has a small town feel, with dirt roads and a neighborhood corner store; a grocery truck that comes around daily offering all of the local fruits and vegetables. It is so satisfying to get things such as bananas, passion fruit and avocados all at a fraction of the cost in the US! 

“Ayampe is such a close-knit community with a family feel and we were welcomed immediately by everyone … “

The Perfect Balance: Great Lifestyle, Affordability & Positive Investment

So much more than affordable real estate in a low cost of living country .. so much more than Ayampe Ecuador real estate ...

La Reserva Manabi is a project with modern infrastructure and nature at your doorstep.

At the same time, you’ll feel safe and secure in a community convenient for everyday living, while also offering healthy and fun activities.

La Reserva Manabi not just affordable real estate in a low cost of living country:

Being affordable is just one of the benefits...

Our story began with a vision of oasis ...

In June of 2012 we took a surfing trip to the beautiful coast of Ecuador. We saw that the village of Ayampe is surrounded by a mild desert beach climate on the north and south sides …

As we looked up on the hillside from the beach we realized how unique it is.

Ayampe is one of the few, unique environments on coast of Ecuador where a tropical climate meets the ocean.

Soon we fell in love with the nature, the village, the people and lifestyle of this place.

So we were curious about what it might be like to live here, maybe even retire here someday …

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