Playa Rosada

Playa Rosada – The Pink Beach

Playa Rosada – the Pink Beach-  is where unspoiled, spacious, little-explored nature is waiting for you to come and experience the flora, fauna, and amazing pink sand beaches and seascapes.   Located a short 40-minute bus ride south of Montanita, Playa Rosada offers visitors a beach that is distinguished by a unique mineral makeup of the sand, leading to the gorgeous pink hue.
With a lighthouse decorating the landscape nearby,  Playa Rosada is considered a peaceful place for beachgoers.   Be sure to bring your sunscreen; during the summer months of December to April, the sunny and warm weather will invite you outside daily.  In these months, expect temperatures to be an average 82° fahrenheit (28° celsius).  Temperatures cool only slightly from May to November, averaging 78 ° fahrenheit (26 ° celsius).
The flora and fauna found here will appeal to the naturalist heart of every visitor.  Some plants to observe include the carob, muyu, acacia, cascol, plum, rattan, and kapok.  Our feathered friends include gulls, herons, pelicans, albatross, and even mockingbirds.   Lucky visitors might observe the sea lions frolicking in the waves, or the blue whale breaching in the distance!