Manta Ecuador


Located on Ecuador’s central coast, Manta is the country’s second largest port city and its most popular beach location, mostly among Ecuadorians. While Manta does draw its fair share of expats and foreign tourists, it’s most commonly used as a vacation or holiday destination for families who want an escape from the bustle of nearby Guayaquil.

Manta possesses the largest seaport in Ecuador. Its main economic activity is tuna fishing. Other economic activities include tourism and a chemical industry with products from cleaning supplies to oils and margarine.Manta has an international airport, Eloy Alfaro International Airport with passenger airline service, and an important military base (known asManta Air Base or Eloy Alfaro Air Base).

Manta’s Beaches

Manta’s most popular beach is Playa Murciélago. This beach is less protected than most beaches in the area and has bigger waves. It’s a couple of kilometers northwest of downtown and is backed by snack bars, restaurants and umbrella-rental spots.