There Are Many Reasons to Live in Ecuador

Why live in Ecuador?  It’s all about the unparalleled quality of life you’ll find here.  Have you imagined what it would be like to have an affordable home on the coast where you can spend idle time outdoors wandering a beach not touched by development? If so, Ecuador is the choice for you!

In addition to the great real-estate prices, Ecuador offers a low cost of living across the board.  Dinner in an upscale restaurant isn’t something to save for only special occasions here; it’s affordable!  Having the assistance of a full-time housekeeper isn’t just a luxury here; it’s also affordable!  Many are pleasantly surprised at just how far their money can go in Ecuador.

Enjoy All of the Amenities and More by Living in Ecuador

Everyone - and often especially retirees - wants to ensure that high-quality medical care will be available should the need arise.  Living in Ecuador, you’ll  encounter state-of-the-art equipped hospitals, home to all manner of specialty physicians.  Private physician clinics are abundant, with a typical visit running from $20 - $25, even for a specialist.

Thanks to Ecuador’s low cost of living, many take the opportunity of having extra funds to add luxury to their lifestyle by - for example- purchasing a second home (beach and city) or traveling more often and to more places.  Some choose to purchase luxury cars, and others explore hobbies and interests that may have been cost-prohibitive back home.

Healthy Lifestyle

Ecuador is a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts, offering adventures as mild as strolling the beach or as daring as climbing a volcano or diving  coral reefs.  The diversity of Ecuador’s geography - unique in the world - allows you to do all of those in one day!  Active people enjoy other aspects of healthy living, and Ecuador caters to those as well.  For example, eating well is easy, with plentiful fresh seafood and markets teeming with fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables  at every turn.   If healthy living is important to you, then Ecuador is a great location to choose!

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