Ayampe Ecuador

About Ayampe

Ayampe is a small town about 30 min north from Montañita situated on the main coastal road of the Ruta del Sol. Ayampe is in the middle of a micro-climate where the rainforest comes down to the ocean. This gives it a unique climate not found anywhere else on the southern Ecuador beach coast.

Ayampe is becoming popular for many foreigners. The entire town has a population of a few hundred people. Ayampe’s economy is based heavily on natural resources such as cacao, bananas, coffee, etc. The main source of water is Rio Ayampe which originates deep in the jungle and dumps into the pacific ocean in the heart of town. 

Some popular activities in Ayampe include: surfing, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, whale watching and mountain biking. Whale watching starts the end of June/early July and continues until November.

Two distinctive small islands that rise a few miles offshore backdrop a stunning sunset.  The two rocky islands are known as La Tortuga and La Iguana.  They are well-known for excellent diving and snorkeling among the coral reef.

Ayampe offers some of the best year round surf that Ecuador has to offer. and is one of the most consistent breaks in all of Ecuador.  The best surf can be found between the months of January and April.

Ayampe is 17 kilometers south of Puerto Lopez and even closer to Machalilla National Park.