Donate For Change – Transforming the School for Children in Ayampe Ecuador

Donate For Change

Transforming the School for Kids in Ayampe

The entire community of Ayampe (Ecuador) has united to transform the traditional and deteriorated fiscal school “Ernesto Velásquez Kuffó” into an innovative and quality school with alternative pedagogies (democratic, respectful, active and community) accessible to the entire community.

We want to have a school where the children of all families can attend regardless of their origin, culture, or economic level; as well as a motivating, inclusive, innovative, practical, contextualized, and quality school. We need $15,000 USD to complete this Innovation and Improvement project that includes new infrastructures ($5,000), training for teachers, support with volunteering, new furniture ($3,000), and purchase and construction of pedagogical material ($7,000).

This grand endeavor has been launched with the approval of the Ministry of Education, being a pioneer model in Ecuador that we seek to extend to other schools to build a better society, one community at a time. 

And to achieve it, your donation can make it happen! Click the GoFundme Link to help achieve our goal.

Your donation will help us ensure that:

  • All the children of Ayampe regardless of their economic level and their origin receive the same quality education.
  • The school becomes an engine of development of the community of Ayampe.
  • The rural area offers the best educational services so that the population is not forced to migrate to a city.
  • This project becomes a model of innovation and quality that can be carried to other rural areas and schools.

If you want to follow the day to day development of the project you can follow us on social media: 

Can we count on you for your support? Your support will not only benefit the community of Ayampe, but also support a project that will be an engine of development for numerous rural areas. Thanks for your help!

Ayampe, Ecuador

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