La Reserva Manabi’s First Eco Home Nearly Complete!

La Reserva Manabi eco home at sunsetWe’re happy to announce that we are applying the final touches to the first modern eco home built in the La Reserva Manabi community in Ayampe, Ecuador.

The wood and concrete floors are getting their final application of sealer.  The last few minor details are installing the last of the kitchen shelves, installing the toilets and completing the bathrooms.

The construction of this home is a huge milestone!   It will serve as a model home for the rest of the community.

The recently installed power and water pipes are being utilized by this new home. Also, the home gives clients a good idea of the different local building practices including the use of bamboo, the use of natural wood and some of the eco-building practices used in the area.

Sustainable features include a greywater system that uses water from the home’s drains to water the gardens and plants in the surrounding yard. Also, the building is a good example of the use of water cisterns, power transformer stations and the use of septic tanks in homes in Ayampe.

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Brand new eco-home with spectacular ocean views

This 1600 sq. ft. 2 Bed/2 Bath home has ocean views from the upper balcony as well as the lower living room and deck. There is an outdoor balcony, and an outdoor deck on the bottom floor of the home.

Half of the bottom floor is indoor (kitchen and living room) the other half is outdoor (storage area, outdoor BBQ, and kitchen). Both bedrooms face the ocean so you can sit and drink your coffee or wine on the adjoining deck while you watch the humpback whales go past!

Nature-Friendly Living

Infrastructure like this model home and all the amenities at La Reserva Manabi have been planned to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of Ayampe and the local biosphere.

In keeping with this philosophy, our home models incorporate many of the latest sustainable building techniques and feature low impact designs that flow with the surrounding landscape.  We also promote sustainable landscape design for each location.

La Reserva is Ayampe Ecuador's Community Oasis

La Reserva Manabi is a brand new intimate eco-community nestled on a lush jungle oasis hillside, directly above and adjacent to the charming surf village of Ayampe, in Manabi province of Ecuador.

Escape and Unwind – Own a Beach House on the Ecuador Coast

A rendering of a beach house in Ecuador

A beach house in Ecuador

UPDATE 8/27/2018 –  This beautiful home is now complete,  and we’ve decided to put it on the market to and continue building more incredible ocean view properties in the La Reserva Manabi community neighborhood.  If you can picture yourself living in this home, check out some additional details and updated photos and contact us to start the conversation.

My vision of owning a second home in another foreign country has always been to have a place I can go to escape the hustle and bustle of the US. Ayampe has quickly become my home away from home and where I go to escape reality and unwind. However, the journey of building this beach house in Ecuador, although exciting, has not come without some bumps in the road.

I quickly realized that building in another country, a primarily Spanish speaking country at that was not going to be the same as building in the states. Trying to find the most reliable and affordable builder in Ayampe proved to be the first biggest challenge. After making multiple trips to Ecuador and interviewing several local builders, I decided to go with a builder who was able to finish the home within my desired timeframe while at the same time maintaining the quality of work that I required.

The building process was overall surprisingly easy with daily status updates and photos from the builder and Skype calls from the architect regarding any building/structural decisions that needed to be made. Living in such a technology-driven society made this aspect of building surprisingly easy. One other major perk was that there was no financing required, as there was an agreement with the builder to ‘pay as you go’. I would send money via wire transfer on a monthly basis as construction progressed.

Towards the final stages of construction, I made another trip to Ayampe to be sure that everything was coming along according to plan. When I arrived, I was blown away at the progress and by how close the home looked to the original rendering!

Looking back at the beginning of the project, the idea that I had for this home was that it would have a modern, natural feel to it. I wanted block construction but with as much natural wood incorporated as possible. The house sits perched on a hill high above the village of Ayampe and looks down at the iconic rocks offshore in the distance. In keeping with the bylaws of the eco-friendly community La Reserva, we kept most of the lot in its natural state by only clearing15% of the land to build upon.

I used local plants and fruit trees throughout the landscaping to aid in keeping the preservation of the environment around us, the very theme seen over and over in La Reserva Manabi. The wood that was used throughout the home seen in the wooden doors, door frames, shelving, and ceiling beams are made from locally sourced natural wood. In the US I would not have been able to afford these wood floors in one room of my home, let alone the entire house.

Some of the other features of the house include a lower level wrap-around deck about 500 square meters in size, an area perfect for entertaining guests and watching sunsets, and a covered outdoor bar-b-que and kitchen setup, perfect for hosting parties and guests.  There is also an outdoor shower constructed of bamboo; stunning views from the 2nd story master and guest room balconies; open floor concept downstairs living area lined with glass sliding doors that open up to the most amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, an area perfect for relaxing while spotting whales.

We have a spacious kitchen with island space, wooden floating shelves, plenty of counter and cabinet space and an electric range stove top and a terraced backyard ideal for gardening.

Some of the other technical details comprise his and her sinks in the master bedroom, hot water heater supplying water throughout the entire house, water cistern and pump, septic tank, plenty of extra storage space and a half bath for guests featured on the lower level.

An ocean facing deck on beach house in Ecuador
Constructing a deck on a beach house in Ecuador

As I write this, the final touches are being applied to this first modern home being built in the La Reserva Manabi community.

The wood and concrete floors are getting the final sealer application, and the last few appliances and shelving fixtures are being installed. Once finished, this home will serve as a model and is a huge milestone for other homes built throughout La Reserva.

This finished space gives prospective buyers a good idea of the different local building techniques in and around Ayampe.

Some of these techniques/finishes include the use of bamboo, the use of the locally sourced natural Laurelwood, and the use of the “grey water system” which is a practice that uses the water from the drains in your home to water the gardens and plants surrounding the home.

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