Traveling Up The Coast Of Ecuador Across the Equator

Boats in Cojimes Ecuador

Headed North Across The Equator

So Brett, Brian and I left Canoa Ecuador and headed up the coast to check out a well-known surf break called Mompiche. We decided to stop along the way and look at a property for sale in the town of Cojimies. This place is very remote being that it is on a peninsula. After looking at a beautiful beachfront/ farmland property for sale we headed into the town of Cojimies for lunch.

Cojimies is well known there for their Encocado which is a soup made with coconut milk and fish.  Encocado is popular here because of all the coconut trees everywhere, and it was delicious! After finishing lunch we were approached by some locals that had a boat that wanted to take us to Mompiche, which was our final destination. We didn’t realize at the time that it only would take 25 minutes to there by boat, but over an hour by car, because we had to drive all the way back the way we came around the peninsula to get there.

The trip by car ended up being well worth it because we drove over the Equator!  There no sign to announce the crossing, and had our driver Nixon not have known where it was, we would have driven right over it without knowing.  It was pretty cool straddling 2 hemispheres at the same time!

Once we arrived at Mompiche we had to drive around the town to get to the beach. The surf break was a left hand point break and there were a bunch of locals in the water, the waves were firing! So Brian and Brett paddled out, and I hiked up the hill to this cemetery in the middle of the jungle. There was no road, I had to literally hike up and around a cliff to get to it. It was very peaceful there, very quiet and the waves were coming around that point in perfect lines. I sat there for a bit and watched the frigate birds doing circles over me in the sky

After snapping a few shots of everything, I hiked further down this steep hill to where everyone was surfing. I got with about 100 feet of the break, was right on top of them! The waves were about 3-5 feet that day, perfect left handers.

We surfed for about a couple hours then we packed up and headed back to Canoa. We stopped for dinner in Pedernales and had some BBQ. All in all a great day. We would definitely like to get back to Mompiche again and stay at the beautiful resort they have there!

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